Transmitter and Receiver


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GPS receiver article by Derek Schaeffer, Stanford
overview of GSM ; John Scourias
frequency planning spreadsheet, excell sheet
class notes , with Mathcad routines
GSM Handset ;
transceiver design ,
estimating Dynamic Range for WCDMA
transceiver design ;
WCDMA Transceiver
Single-chip CMOS FM radio receiver
Radio propagation models
design of rf amplifier
emitter degeneration feed back amplifier
feed back amplifier
small signal amplifier
buffer categories
Transceiver Design Tools
Amplitude Modulation
Superheterodyne Spectrum Analyzer
GBPPR ; calculator from


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    The last few decades have witnessed remarkable growth in the wireless communications market which has led to the dramatical increase in the demand for integrated circuits operating in the RF/microwave regime. During this time, the technology has undergone profound changes. Future evolutions of wireless technology will offer more bandwidth, security and reliability, making them ideal for multimedia, videoconferencing, e-commerce and other complex applications. Widely anticipated applications for wireless technology include: wireless internet access, video on demand, personal data assistants (PDAs), position location and navigation in automobiles, mobile e-commerce, wireless computer peripherals and customized personal information services available anytime, anywhere . The expansion of such services is accompanied by the demand for low-cost, wireless transceivers. Low cost, smaller size and increased cost efficiency have led to the trend of miniaturization and integration in circuit design. RF/monolithic microwave integrated circuits (RFICs and MMICs) have revolutionized the RF/microwave industry and have made the concept of wireless System on a Chip (SOC) a reality.

  3. Receiver

    Receiver A circuit that accepts signals from a transmission medium (which can be wireless or wired) and decodes or translates them into a form that can drive local circuits.

    A radio receiver that detects and demodulates the signal from the airwaves
    An ultrasonic receiver that turns ultrasound signals into electrical signals
    A line receiver that receives signals from a wire or backplane
    A standard interface receiver (e.g., USB, serial, LVDS)
    A fiber optic device that translates light pulses into electrical signals

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