kaveri telecom bangalore

Kaveri telecom bangalore

Kavveri Telecom is a leading telecom products manufacturer, providing world-class, hardware products and solutions for the telecom industry.

Founded in 1991 by a highly innovative team, Kavveri Telecom designs, develops, tests and implements a diverse range of products, from concept to deployment. With over 150 R&D man-years of experience, Kavveri Telecom is uniquely positioned to offer an array of world-class products and solutions to meet all hardware requirements of telecom manufacturers, telecom service providers and telecom users.

Kavveri Telecom combines expertise with experience to deliver state-of-art products and solutions spanning the wide spectrum of wireless Telecommunications. The diverse range of products manufactured by Kavveri Telecoms includes Antennas, RF Components, Repeaters, TMA/TMB and Solar Products.

The Company also enjoys the stature of being the largest manufacturer of Antennas & RF products in India. With 30,000 Sq. ft. area of R&D manufacturing infrastructure for design, development & production of Microwave Components, RF products and Antennas, Kavveri Telecoms has the capacity of manufacturing over 1,00,000 high quality Antennas & 10,000 RF products per month.

Headquartered in Bangalore, India, with three well-equipped production plants, Kavveri Telecom is geared to meet all telecom hardware needs of clients across the globe. Kavveri Telecom’s esteemed clientele include industry giants such as Ericsson, Motorola, Spice, Airtel, BSNL, ISRO, World Space and Airports Authority of India.



  1. Guru

    Hi to all kaveri telecom employee,
    You can leave the company and join in other good companies, The RF companies are hot and they will pay more salary also,

    In my opinion there are more than 100 rf companies in every cities, think and quit the job from kaveri telecom.

  2. yogesh

    This company does not pay salaries This is horrible company This company wont even pay your reimubersement

  3. Rameshkumar

    This company is managed by LUKHHA people. They want everything free only. They do not pay to thier employees and major top people are leaving with fighting as management is unprofessional.

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