How To face The Interview

How To face The Interview

1.Are your work practices similar or different from ours?
(If Experienced)
2.Describe our (products/services).
3.Describe our company for me.
4.Describe our corporate environment for me.
5.Describe your work (methods/processes) in comparison to ours?
(If Experienced)
6.Do our competitors do things that we should be doing?
7.Do you have any concerns about working here?
8.Do you have any questions about (our/this) company?
9.Do you know how long we have been in business?
10.Do you know what products we make?
11.How could you have prevented your (judgmental) errors?
12.How do you think our company determines success?
13.How does you present employer communicate with others in your
deprtment? (If Experienced)
14.Tell me how you found out information about (our/this) company?
15.Tell me what you know about (our/this) company?
16.Was there anything your company could have done to be more
17.What about our company do you like best?
18.What about your present employer (do/did) you like best?
19.What advantages do you think our competitors have over us?
20.What advantages do you think we have over our competitors?
21.What are the greatest challenges that this company faces?
22.What concerns do you have about this company?
23.What direction do you think this company is headed in?
24.What do you dislike about our company?
25.What do you know about (our/this) company?
26.What do you know about (our/this) operation?
27.What do you know about our competitors?
28.What do you know about our customers?
29.What do you know about our products?
30.What do you know about our products or services?
31.What do you know about our stock?
32.What do you know about our web site?
33.What do you know about the way our company (works/operates)?
34.What do you know about this position?
35.What do you think are the challenges facing this company?
36.What do you think are the greatest challenges facing this company
in the near future?
37.What do you think it takes to be successful in a company like
38.What do you think it takes to be successful in our company?
39.What do you think the atmosphere here is like?
40.What is the financial stability of your last company?
41.What questions do you have about our organization?
42.What would make someone successful in our business?
43.What is the (best/worst) thing you have heard about (our/this)
44. What is the (best/worst) thing you have heard about
(our/this) department?


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