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Texas AM AMSC ;

Georgia Tech Analog Consortium ;

Caltech High-Speed ICs ;

Berkeley Wireless Research
Center ;

Iowa State ;

Stanford VLSI Research Group ;

Stanford Integrated Circuits Laboratory

Stanford Concurrent VLSI Architecture ;

Stanford SMIrC Laboratory;

Berkeley Jan M. Rabaey ;

Berkeley Wireless Research Center (

Stanford Microwave Integrated Circuits Laboratory (

AsadAbidi Research Group(UCLA

Behzad Razavi Research Group (UCLA

Georgia Tech Analog Consortium (GTAC

Caltech High-speed Integrated Communications Group

Texas AM University ( )

UCLA Research Centers;

UCLA Asad Abidi’s Group;

UCLA Razavi’s CCLab ;

UC Davis Electronic Circuits Research;

Columbia Integrated Systems Laboratory ;

University of Toronto Electronics Group;

UMN Analog Groups;

WPI Microelectronics Group ;

UTD James R. Hellums;

UTD Dr. Hoi Lee ;

MOSFET papers free download

Manual, (Final Version), Yuhua Cheng, Mansun Chan, Kelvin Hui, Min-chie Jeng,
Zhihong Liu, Jianhui Huang, Kai Chen, James Chen, Robert Tu, Ping K. Ko,
Chenming Hu Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences,
University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720, from

MOS Scaling: Transistor
Challenges for the 21st Century, Scott Thompson, Paul Packan, Mark Bohr,
Intel Corp.


Modeling of Drain and Gate Current Noise for RF CMOS, , R. van Langevelde

Noise Modeling for RF CMOS Circuit Simulation , A.J. Scholten et
al., research Trans. Electron Devices

Modeling of Drain and Gate Current Noise for RF CMOS , A.J. Scholten
et al., IEDM 2002 Technical Digest

current: Modeling, DL extraction and impact on RF performance , R. van
Langevelde et al., IEDM 2001 Technical Digest, pp. 289-292, 2001 (265kB).

performance trends , P.H. Woerlee et al., research Trans. Electron Devices,
Vol. ED-48, pp. 1776-1782, 2001 (160kB).

RF-Distortion in deep sub-micron CMOS technologies , R. van
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Efficient parameter extraction techniques for a new surface-potential-based
MOS model for RF applications , W. Liang et al., Proceedings ICMTS 2001,
pp. 141-145, 2001 (327kB).

Accurate thermal noise model for deep sub-micron CMOS , A.J.
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drain conductance modeling for distortion analysis in MOSFETs , R. van
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Effect of gate-field dependent mobility degradation on distortion
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90 nm Node CMOS Technology Comparison between INTEL Corporation and
SAMSUNG Electronics , Min Chin Chai, 2003,

The transistor, with emphasis on its use for radio frequency
telecommunication. , Linköping Studies in Science and Technology.
Dissertation No. 508, 1998. Presented at LiTH, February 13, 1998.

MOSFET LF noise under Large Signal Excitation: Measurement, Modelling and
Application , Wel, A.P. van der, PhD thesis, University of Twente, 2005

Advanced Model and Analysis of Series Resistance for CMOS Scaling Into
Nanometer Regime—Part II: Quantitative Analysis, Seong-Dong Kim,
Cheol-Min Park and Jason C. S. Woo, research TRANSACTIONS ON ELECTRON DEVICES, VOL.
49, NO. 3, MARCH 2002


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