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RFIC technologies is derivation of RF IC Technology. RF is the radio frequency , wireless IC is VLSI , chip and Technology. You will find interested articles and free download research papers , research papers here.
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RFIC Technologies is for design and product service in semiconductor business, headquarter in Bangalore, India. We have expertise in complete transceivers for any wireless system, Which includes transmiter and receiver architectures, circuit design and layout of the analog, RF, mixed signal system. We provide innovative design services for complex system requirements, in any region, at highly competitive rates, in the rapidly expanding communication and consumer wireless markets. Our main focus is on the analysis, modeling, and design of analog and wireless system RFIC Technologies, is for design service rfic design , analog ic design, wireless, rfid, system, circuit, layout and testing in semiconductor business in India. Expert in complete wireless system, Projects are taking place onsite and offshore

RFIC Technologies

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