income tax on fixed deposits in india


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  1. Gurpreet Singh says:

    I have checked my TDS on 26AS where bank has deducted only 10% tds as compared to 10.3%.I am a salaried employee and while filing return online do i have to show interest income from bank FD. If so, then do i need to pay surcharge of .3% which bank has not deducted on bank FD.

    • Guru says:


      1. If you want the bank will not deduct tds, submit for 15 to the bank during the time of opening fd
      2. The bank will deduct 10% only, check your mail box, we had sent an advice

  2. Bikram Sil says:

    i want to do fixed deposite of 3lakhs.duration 1.5yrs-2yrs… which bank is best for me..?
    can i avoid tax? or i have to pay tax? how much tax i have to pay ?
    if i can avoid tax then how can it possible ?
    i am a student…